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 Why this forum is here

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Why this forum is here Empty
PostSubject: Why this forum is here   Why this forum is here Icon_minitimeFri Jan 11, 2008 7:10 pm

After a year of playing this game, Scions Of Fate, we've decided to play DoMo.
We've changed this forum's URL .. AND the logo and some of the content to reflect this.

We still remain on SoF, although those still in the House on SoF are mostly co-leaders/original members..
so, they can understand and still participate HERE.

Thanks for stickin' by us...
we really miss some of our friends from SoF and hope they continue to contact us here or via messenger.

Below is this particular thread's original post.
Take care y'all and, we hope to see you online soon! Smile


Thru all of SoF's ups and downs, DEFENDING it AND its Administration whenever people would badmouth because of one reason or another, its come down to ONE THING:

Pakrat was suffering MAJOR harrassment, slander and abuse while in-game and requested a change for his character's name..
which resembled and was being mistaken for a known HACKERS name..
and, even though they've done it before for OTHER players for similar situations, they DENIED him a name change.

So he quit. Big deal, right? Another player 'down for the count' right?

The hacker is STILL playing SOF.
The hacker is STILL allowed to post on the Forums..
including being allowed to speak as if he is an employee of MGame,
boasting about mimicing GM-Gool's account-name and character name(s)...
basically breaking ToS left right and sideways...
BRAGGING About exactly what he's used, and how hes done it, to HACK the game AND ITS NPCs..
about how he was TRYING to get banned because he wanted "[his] life back"...


AND, because he could still play,
and because Angel and Pakrat would NOT let up and brought his TRUE SELF into public eye,
he made a character: packrat..
and the REAL Pakrat suffered but the GMs did NOTHING when Pak asked for help (Remember: theyd helped OTHERS before).

So that is why this is here.

The REAL ORIGINAL posts have been saved in .txt format AND POSTED ON HERE in case threads are locked or removed
by the GMs

This portion of the forum is open to the public because the public deserves to know whats going on and whats being covered up.
Instead of taking CORRECT AND APPROPRIATE ACTION, the GMs are hiding everything hoping it will go away.

What they dont know is:
Ive worked closely with GMs on another MMORPG for years..
and THEY DID the right thing regarding a persistant hacker.
THEREFORE I DO KNOW the law(s) and the difference between right and wrong.

[color=cyan]Given my experiences over the years plus the money I have poured into SOF, REAL money, by MY CHOICE,
and the time, effort and love I have poured into my characters,

I have EVERY right to be concerned for my gaming safety and let others know the risks and who the hacker is...
and thread deletion is nazi-like censorship, ESPECIALLY when nothing harmful is posted ie: the "Goodbye" thread, and a bunch of retributionary action taken by a disgruntled administration.

Why this forum is here L_e6e70ceb64574453bfbddc68d22634b5
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Why this forum is here
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