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 Proofs been sent...

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Proofs been sent... Empty
PostSubject: Proofs been sent...   Proofs been sent... Icon_minitimeFri Jan 11, 2008 9:00 pm

Ok well.. suffice it to say those who know me know I am about 'the right thing' and 'preserving fairness and fun for all'.

Because of this, and because of real life experiences, I have learned to take notes, write names down and copycopycopy whatever I feel might come in handy in the future.

Ive also learned what steps to take and in which oder to TAKE them to accomplish whats sneccessary.

Ive sent emails to the proper entities and hope to generate a response soon, regarding many issues which I USED to sit back and wait a response from SOF Admin on, but which now require IMMEDIATE results.

Every time anything is posted, EVEN A "GOODBYE" thread, regarding Pak...
whether or not it contains any FACTS which make MGame Admin LOOK bad or not,
they REMOVE or LOCK it.

So, thankfully, I will continue to post them here in their original state (.txt / .html files) and send them to whoever requires them to achieve results.

To all of you who still enjoy the game, well gues what? I DO TOO.
But I am not, nor do i FEEL, SAFE anymore while on it.
My real-money, my character, the game itself: NOTHING "SOF" related is safe anymore to me.

patrat46 is STILL ALLOWED to PLAY the game, be ON the game, ALTER the game to suit his needs and desires EVEN THO ITS AGAINST THEIR OWN RULES AND GUIDELINES..
so whos to say there arent OTHER hackers on the game that they know about but arent DOING anything about?

They can change character names for people but NOT change a character name for OTHER people?
What is THAT about? What PREFERENCE do those others have that the ones who are denied, DONT have ?

Sorry.. I Cannot and WILL not play ANY game that behaves like that.

DEFINITELY no feelings of safety are there when Administration turns blind eyes and ignores reports such as they do. And frankly I dont see how ANYONE feels ANY semblance of "Safety" while on that game...
whereas on OTHER games, Admin takes action(s) ASAP and doesnt brush things 'under the rug'.
They dont skirt around issues or problems and behave Nazi-like whenever something is pointed out which doesnt make sense that sheds light on their mistakes.

My characters, my items, my MONEY: NONE are truly safe on SOF.

So dont tell me you dont need a babysitter.
Im not BEING one.
Im thinking about sAFETY.
Tough crap on you if you choose to ignore your safety and prefer, instead, to call me whatever names you can conjure up and ignore this stuff, much like MGame is choosing to do.

Proofs been sent... L_e6e70ceb64574453bfbddc68d22634b5
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Proofs been sent...
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