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PostSubject: Important links   Important links Icon_minitimeFri Jan 11, 2008 9:27 pm

These pertain to, and show, patrat46's TRUE self.
If theyre removed, deleted, altered or taken down, let me know. I have copies of the original document sources:
(he gives bot info...cos he knows cos HE BOTTED ..
and got BANNED ..
he CAN STILL play & post... wtf?)
GM Tooling at its best
AND: he, SO OBVIOUSLY, states 'facts' as though he IS MGame Administration? wtf ?
Again, he tools a GM, publicly but sloppy-subtly implying he has inner-knowledge and SHOULD be helping with main-site changes..
soemthing that COULD, and SHOULD, have been sent to her via PM )
more GM tooling and sucking up.
*still wondering WHY he hasnt been Forum-banned ?
(where he lists all his accounts..
notice the one mimicing GOOL??...
and characters..
and how he could go about doing this that or the other things USING those accounts)

free 2 play doesnt have same costumor service never has never will F2P will pick favorites and the more u spend the more likely u are to b a favorite the beeter know ur charactor is the more likely u are to b a favorite the older ur account is the more forums all that can push u ahead in a F2P game

but in a p2p game every1 its harder to pick favs all u got if age of account and fame of player

in nrtgame some of our limited staff does many jobs other than just bing a GM

gools bussy

fira is new

u cant except quick replys

soo fira u in the ca office wit gool DS and the others right?

hows holic coming along? are we realy trying to get ghost also? could u point out operation7 and see is we could get that instead?

and also where he posts:
pay more get more favorites


To find anything patrat46 related, do a 'search' for posts made by:
Shomaruki (you can tell which posts are pat's and which are Shomas.. pat sucks at typing)
cj46 (his brothers char was CJ47 and pat was 'patrat46')
do a search for username HERE:
type " cj* " without the quotes, in the search box... then do the search.
SEE how many accounts are numerical (which his brother used.. numbers...) ?
Kinda hard to tell whos really CJ and whos accounts arent pat or CJs isnt it?

I cannot guarantee the GMs and/or pat will NOT have altered, removed or locked any posts or threads you find.
ONLY THOSE LISTED ABOVE are ones which I have copies of the ORIGINAL document-sources, prior to any deletion or alteration.

Important links L_e6e70ceb64574453bfbddc68d22634b5
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Important links
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