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 **Rules & Guidlines**

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PostSubject: **Rules & Guidlines**   **Rules & Guidlines** Icon_minitimeSat Sep 22, 2007 5:32 pm

NOVA Guild Rules & Guidelines

Nova is a Guild on DoMo Onyx server, which prides itself on being a Family as well as observing "netiquette" while playing the game with others.

Nova is about having FUN.
Nova NEVER requires, and will not ask, anyone, to 'farm for Fame points' like some of the top-Guilds.
Nova will NEVER, ever, require of, or ask, Members to donate Gold... like some of the top-level Guilds.
Donating Gold &/or Fame is, ALWAYS, strictly voluntary.

The following Guidelines are set up to insure Nova remains the best Guild of it's kind.

Scamming in any way-shape-form, cheating, botting, buying gold etc. IS NOT ALLOWED by Softstar/Aeria Games... and will not be tolerated by Nova.
Anyone caught doing anything against ToS will be removed from Nova & reported.

Overly foul/profane language will not be tolerated.
A little bit of cussing here and there etc. is okay...
crossing-the-line = kicked from Nova & reported.

Badmouthing Nova and/or any of it's members is not tolerated.
You will be kicked from the Guild.

Members will not engage in KSing to obtain a party or annoy other gamers
If a Member is repeatedly KS'd by someone, or by a bot, retaliatory KSing is okay...just don't go overboard.

Members will be civil and courteous in any 'Boss' area, the PVP Arena, Collection Areas, Towns, & during Special Events and/or duels.

Retaliatory shouting obsceneties &/or talking smak about other Houses & players, in public, will result in possible dismissal from the Guild.

Anyone who does 'Boss/respawn-camping' for extreme periods of time, or camping any PVP-respawn area for 'the easy kill' will be kicked from the Guild.

Members will refrain from making other Members feel less-than-adequate because of their equipment &/or level-status.

Members will not 'Guild-hop'.
Once you join Nova you are committing yourself to an Honorable Guild & family. Wishy-washyness &/or 'spying' will not be tolerated.

If you accidentally leave, send an in-game mail to DauthiMarauder, WvAngelvW or Pakrat ... with times you'd most likely be online... for re-invitation.

If you leave on puropse you must fill out another application to join.

8 )
Members will post in the appropriate forum when leaving for Vacation, illness, family emergency, school, et al. with approximate days/weeks/months they will be gone.

Failure to do so MAY result in being accidentally being kicked from the Guild to make room for others.

Nova Pledge

Nova will do it's best to provide a pleasant gaming atmosphere for all Members.
Nova is not responsible for individual actions of other Members or players.
Nova's members will assist other Members who are in need , when they can afford to do so &/or if they have the time.

A Nova Member is honest and true and rock-solid.
A Nova Member exhibits truth, justice and honor at all times.
A Nova Member plays DoMo for fun... not for ego-feed.
A Nova Member remains steadfast and true to the 'family'.

Once a Nova... Always a Nova

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**Rules & Guidlines**
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